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who We are & HOW WE GOT HERE

My husband, John and I were both born in California but met and started our family in DC after years spent moving around to a few different states and countries. We were pretty adventurous before the kiddos arrived!

Muddy Buddy John

Muddy Buddies in Richmond, VA

John and I had different interpretations of what it meant to race. I thought it was fun to participate, he wanted to place! We didn’t.

Glacier Grey, Patagonia

My first experience solo traveling led to an excursion hiking Glacier Grey. Someday I’d love to return with the family. 

Two years ago we moved back to my hometown in Silicon Valley with JJ, Bug, and El Brody, our somewhat neurotic wonder-pup who revenge poops when he doesn’t get to adventure with us. We’ve been aiming to enjoy our home state through their eyes ever since.

Bug in Scottsdale, AZ

We stopped to relax for a day at one of Scottsdale’s swim playground resorts before crossing into California during the big move. 

El Brody Meets West Beach in Santa Barbara, CA

The boys’ first California beach experience, playing in the sand after lunch on Stearns Wharf.

The Big Texan in Amarillo, TX

A road trip through Amarillo isn’t complete without a stop at The Big Texan and Cadillac Ranch.

Before we moved back to California I worked in art and museum education for over a decade and John studied filmmaking. I love connecting challenging works of art to the everyday lives of people of all ages, and he is a natural visual storyteller. Basically, I prefer talking about art, and he likes to actually make it! As we began to rediscover California with the memories of locals and the perspectives of tourists, we found that the arts can also be a helpful way to inspire nature connections.

This year, as time spent outdoors became an increasingly important part of our daily routine, we experienced the many benefits of being in nature first hand. I’ve also had to be more creative in making our daily outings a bit more exciting. I have a hunch that I’m not alone in this!

This site is where we share our favorite finds and our lessons learned. We  tell you about the places that inspire us, the projects that help us look a little closer at the natural world around us, and the gardening attempts that remind us that nature doesn’t need to be a far off adventure. We welcome you to join along  for the ride!  

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