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Boys playing in front of the underwater mural outside of the Avila Beach Aquarium

I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list. – Susan Sontag

Where to go next?

Ive had ongoing lists of places to explore as long as I can remember. From day trips, to road trips, to weekend getaways, there are many options out there to help you get out of a travel rut. Sometimes almost too many!

Our favorites are gathered here, based on the places we can’t wait to get back to and those that we hope to visit next.

19 Utah Dinosaur Sites the Whole Family Will Love

Utah is full of impressive dinosaur sites. From trackway hikes to awe-inspiring museums, check out the top dinosaur sites in the state here.

Watching their backs at the Dinosaur Gardens in Vernal, Utah

The 20 Best Places to Visit in California in December

Looking to plan a family-friendly winter getaway? Check out the 20 best places to visit in California in December here.

Lake Tahoe is one of the best places to visit in California in December - as seen from the Heavenly Gondola

Highway 1 with Kids: The Ultimate Guide To 50 Family Adventures

A road trip on California’s iconic Highway 1 isn’t just for grown-ups! Explore our mega-list of 50 family adventures along the California coast.

Bug Excited to see McWay Falls in Person

22 Best Lakes in California

Yes, Tahoe made the list. But there are 21 others that might not have been on your radar yet!

California Spring Break:  10 Unexpected Places for Family Adventure

Take advantage of the school break and discover some of California’s favorite family-friendly destinations for outdoor adventure.

The Best Bay Area Gardens and Farms for Hands-On Family Fun

Farms and gardens offer beautiful and educational alternatives for outdoor fun. They are also our go to multigenerational activity when we are lucky enough to have a grandparent join us!

Best California State Parks for Family Fun

There is no doubt that California has some amazing National Parks. But in many instances, the State Parks have proven to be just as beautiful and fascinating while remaining blissfully under the radar.

Playing on the muddy beach at Morro Bay State Park

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