Road Trips

Bixby Bridge from Castle Rock Viewpoint

San Francisco to Lake Tahoe: Getting There & The Best Stops on the Way

Playing on the beach in Tahoe City

May 31, 2023

Driving from San Francisco to Lake Tahoe can be a fun adventure through fascinating California towns and landmarks. It can also be a traffic-filled slog! How you experience it depends on your choices before and during your journey. … Read More

The Ultimate San Francisco to San Diego Road Trip Guide: Three Ways To Get To Two of California’s Favorite Cities

Playing on Coronado Beach, San Diego during a beautiful sunset.

January 6, 2023

Three road trip routes lead from San Francisco to San Diego. Each offers a benefit, whether it’s reaching the Southern California sun as fast as possible or soaking in the views as you work your way down the coast. We share the best stops along each route, how long each takes, and suggested itineraries for the scenic routes. … Read More

12 Gold Rush Towns in California for an Amazing Family Adventure

Panning for Gold - Gold Rush Towns in California

August 24, 2022

Gold rush towns in California are still popular destinations for visitors of all ages. Gold panning is still a must-do activity, but most are no longer in search of the Motherlode. Today’s visitors come for the region’s rushing rivers, giant sequoias groves, and quaint historic towns. … Read More

Highway 1 with Kids: The Ultimate Guide to 50 Family Adventures

July 20, 2021

From the sunny beaches of Dana Point to the majestic redwoods of Mendocino, Highway 1 follows the California coast for 655.8 miles. Along the way, it reveals much of the state’s coastal character and impossible beauty. In this mega-post, you’ll find 50 fun ways to enjoy an amazing Highway 1 road trip with your kids. … Read More

19 Utah Dinosaur Sites the Whole Family Will Love

Dinosaur National Monument Park Sign

September 21, 2021

We made it outside of California! Utah is full of dinosaur sites that will impress everyone in the family, from beautiful hikes with dinosaur trackways to hands-on museum exhibitions perfect for little dino lovers. The state is a wonderland for science and adventure-loving kids. … Read More

How to Start Overlanding with Your Family

Image of a jeep in the desert with a young child in the foreground

By Ordealist’s Chris Emery, July 10, 2021

If you are into the outdoors, you’ve probably come across the idea of overlanding. Put simply, overlanding is a vehicle-based adventure where you venture into the backcountry for camping for one or more days. Think of it as car camping on steroids. So how do you get started overlanding? And can you overland with kids? I have been taking my family, including my young son Kai, with me on overlanding trips for years, and below are a few tips that I’ve learned along the way. … Read More