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Boys playing on the boardwalk in front of Moonstone Beach, another great road trip stop on Highway 1 with kids.

Top 15 Best Beaches in San Diego for Families

Coronado's wide sandy beach makes it one the best beaches in San Diego for families.

July 29, 2022

San Diego has some of the best beaches for families in the entire state. No trip to this beautiful coastal city is complete without a beach visit. Whether you want to build sand castles, snooze under an umbrella, gaze at rocky bluffs, learn to surf, or investigate tide pools, there’s a beach for every type of family here. … Read More

25 Central Coast Towns for an Outstanding Getaway

July 19, 2022

Beautiful Central Coast towns line the California coast between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Each has a unique character, but one thing that unites the towns of California’s central coast is a laid-back vibe. This makes them perfect for a quick escape from the bustling metropolises that anchor either end. … Read More

22 Best Lakes in California

Splashing at Dunn Court Beach

July 19, 2022

California has no shortage of amazing lakes for families to visit. We’re always on the lookout for a lake that offers plenty of opportunities for recreation and adventure, while also giving us a sense of relaxation and getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. … Read More

Best California State Parks for Family Fun

April 14, 2021

California’s State Parks help visitors connect with the state’s natural beauty and history. With 280 parks in the state, you can encounter anything from lakes to oceans and deserts to redwood forests. Read on for the best California state parks that we’ve experienced and those that are at the very top of our list of places to visit next. … Read More