Weekend in Calistoga: Treat Yourself to an Epic California Getaway

Are you in need of a mini-vacation without the kids in tow? Look no further than a weekend getaway to Calistoga.

Calistoga is a small, charming town at the northern end of Napa Valley. It is the perfect place for a stress-free parents’ getaway. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing weekend away, time to reconnect, or to simply indulge, Calistoga is an ideal spot for anyone needing a weekend off. 

Some families opt to visit Calistoga together, but it’s one of our favorite grown-up getaways. Located at the north end of Napa Valley, it’s a playground for adults. Calistoga is a wine-lovers paradise. You’ll also find some of the region’s most delicious restaurants, rejuvenating spas, and opportunities for outdoor adventure. 

In this post, you’ll learn the top reasons to visit Calistoga, the best activities and attractions, and insider tips to help you make the most of your time in this charming wine-country town. 

With stunning natural beauty and friendly hospitality, a weekend in Calistoga is the perfect escape. Don’t wait – plan your next trip to this Northern Californian hidden gem today!

Things are always changing! Make sure to double-check schedule changes and closures before your trip.

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Map of Attractions for Your Weekend in Calistoga

The following map has all of the places mentioned in this post. There’s also a day-by-day itinerary map below.

Trip map courtesy of Wanderlog, a road trip planner on iOS and Android

Calistoga: The Ideal Home Base for a Napa Valley Weekend

I’ve visited Napa Valley many times over the last twenty-odd years, and have learned that each of the Valley’s towns has a unique appeal. If you’re not sure where to call your home base, consider what you might be looking for in a wine-country weekend getaway.

During our last pre-COVID visit, we ended up in Calistoga for a spa treatment at the end of our weekend. I was immediately drawn to its casual small-town feel and walkable downtown. Though there are plenty of upscale places where you can indulge nearby, the overall character of the town feels friendly and accessible. 

I immediately knew that I wanted to stay here during our next trip to wine country. Actually, I wanted to move here, but choosing it as a future weekend home was more realistic.

At the time, I couldn’t have imagined that three years and a global pandemic would happen before we returned. But eventually, we made it back and got to call Calistoga home for the weekend, just as I’d hoped. 

Here I share our favorite spots, experiences, and more places we want to see (and taste) when we return. Hopefully much sooner than another three years!

The Best Hot Springs and Spas for Your Weekend in Calistoga

Mud Bath Time on our Weekend in Calistoga
Adults can have fun playing in the mud too!

Calistoga has long been known for its famous hot springs. 

Indigenous Wappo people lived here for thousands of years before colonization. They soaked in the hot springs and considered the area to be a place of healing. 

After becoming a part of the United States, Samuel Brannan, California’s first millionaire, purchased over 2,000 acres of land here to develop a spa resort. He made a tipsy toast to the “Calistoga of Sarifornia” when trying to describe the new resort as the Saratoga Springs of California. The name stuck.

Fast forward over 150 years. Tourists still flock to the town for a good soak in its warm soothing waters. Over time, other spa treatments like the town’s famous volcanic ash mud baths, have also become popular. 

Some of our favorite Calistoga hot spring and spa options are:

Golden Haven

Many visitors have their first mud bath experience here. One of Golden Haven’s main draws is that guests can soak in their treatment room together. This makes the experience more fun, and perfect for couples or friends who want to giggle their way through soaking in a tub of mud. Just like our recent visit. I tried the mud bath while John soaked in a nearby hot springs mineral bath and laughed at with me. 

We visited on a cold, rainy night in February. It felt amazing to warm up in the hot tubs before our treatment and swim in the large hot springs pool after. The rain loudly pelted the roof that partially covers the hot springs, and we were happy we chose to soak here rather than a fully outdoor option!

Book an appointment at Golden Haven if you like a casual spa run by friendly staff who understand that many people are here to check a Calistoga mud bath off their list. This is also a good option for budget-conscious guests, curious to see what the whole mud bath and hot springs experience is all about. 

This is not the place for you if you’re looking for a high-end luxury spa. 

The Spa at Solage

We went to the Spa at Solage on our first visit to Calistoga. At the time I wasn’t so eager to soak in a tub of mud, but I was curious to see what the Calistoga spa scene was all about. 

We booked a couple’s Mudslide Treatment, which was an awesome way to spend the last day of our getaway. Rather than soaking in a full tub of regional volcanic ash mud, which can be a tad bit stinky, this treatment adds your choice of essential oils to a bucket of mud. You and your partner are then left to paint the mud on each other. Once fully painted, you relax on heated stone beds for 20 minutes while it soaks into your skin. 

After rinsing off, enjoy a mineral bath soak, then rest in one of the spa sound chairs. Good luck trying to stay awake! 

Following your treatment, you can access the spa facilities, including the secluded geothermal pools, for an additional fee ($50 per person on weekends at the time of writing). 

This is the experience for you if you are Calistoga mud-curious without wanting to soak in a full bath. 

This is not the place for anyone on a budget. 

Indian Springs

Iconic Indian Springs Resort is California’s oldest continuing pool and spa facility. 

The resort has passed through some of the state’s most powerful families, including Sam Brannan looking to develop the Saratoga Springs of the west, and Leland Stanford who considered building Stanford University here in the 1880s. Today’s owners have expanded the resort facilities so visitors can explore 17 acres of lush paths and gardens. 

The vibe here is historic and upscale, but also relaxed and unpretentious. The main pool is an Olympic-sized hot spring. It’s a magical place to soak under a starry sky.

Like the Spa at Solage, you need to purchase a pass in addition to your spa treatment to access the pool ($50 per person at the time of writing). Pool passes are no longer offered on Saturdays, even if you have a spa treatment. 

This is a good hot spring to visit if you’re staying at the resort. Soaking access is constrained otherwise, even with a spa treatment. 

Can’t I just soak in a hot spring without staying at a resort or booking a spa treatment?

The hot springs pool at Golden Haven
A rainy night at the Golden Haven hot springs

Nope. The only way to enjoy Calistoga’s hot springs is through one of the resorts and spas that have access to them on their property. There is no public access. 

To soak in a hot spring, stay at a resort with pools onsite or book a spa appointment (and possibly an additional day pass) for 1-2 hours of soaking time. 

Wine Tasting In and Around Calistoga

Playing in the vineyards at Paraduxx
Grape Tasting at Paraduxx

Calistoga has been known to be a spectacular wine-growing region since the late 1800s. Whether or not you care about the ins and outs of wine-making, don’t leave your Napa Valley getaway weekend without at least one wine-tasting experience. There are so many good options nearby, that it’s hard to choose just a few to highlight! But I’ll try.

Of the wineries below, the first two are located in Calistoga-proper. The last three are some of our absolute favorites just a short drive south of town. 

Chateau Montelena

Stopping at Chateau Montelena during our weekend in Calistoga

This Calistoga landmark is a must-visit for history buffs and fans of the movie, Bottle Shock

Chateau Montelena is famous for winning first place among white wines at the 1976 Judgment of Paris wine tasting. This shocked the world and put Napa Valley on the path to becoming the wine-producing behemoth it is today.  

The park-like grounds are just a 5-minute drive north of downtown, making it an easy stop on your weekend in Calistoga. The free Calistoga Shuttle also stops here.

The Taste of Montelena tasting ($55 per person at the time of writing) is enjoyed at a stand-up bar inside the Chateau. 

Side note: though Chateau Montelena has gone through extensive efforts to create a lovely garden setting, complete with a pond and pagodas, you can’t picnic here unless you’re a member. Trust us, we tried. 

Castello di Amorosa

Castello di Amorosa is a Napa Valley visitor favorite. The winery is located in a painstakingly-authentic 13th-century Tuscan castle with 107 rooms over eight levels.

Over 8,000 tons of stone and almost one million antique bricks were imported from Europe to model the way the castle would have been built 700 years ago. It took 15 years to build this labor of love. 

Visitors flock to explore the castle’s medieval elements, right down to its moat and drawbridge. With the purchase of a Standard Reserve Tasting ($50 per person at the time of writing), you can roam the top two levels on your own. When you splurge on a Diamond Estate Tour ($70 per person at the time of writing), you gain access to the castle’s lower levels. This tour includes a stop at the torture chamber and the Grand Barrel Room, where – rumor has it – you may be invited to taste directly from a wine barrel.

The free Calistoga Shuttle stops here, making it an easy visit for those staying in Calistoga.


Beautiful views while tasting at Rombauer during our weekend in Calistoga
Views from our tasting table at Rombauer Vineyards

A ten-minute drive south of Calistoga, Rombauer is one of our Napa Valley favorites. If you enjoy a buttery chardonnay (and we do!), make time for a stop here.

Another reason to visit? It’s gorgeous here. Located high on a hill, you can relax on their terrace while you taste and look out onto the green valley below. 

This is also a wonderful picnic spot. Tables are available with a reservation for wines by the glass or bottle. Well-behaved pups can join you in the outdoor areas too.

With its beautiful grounds, a picnic option, and an affordable $25 tasting fee, Rombauer is a perfect option for budget-conscious travelers. 

Duckhorn Vineyards

Duckhorn is beautiful to visit in the spring
Duckhorn in the spring: Can we move in, please?

One of our absolute favorite Napa Valley tasting experiences, Duckhorn Vineyards is a 15-minute drive south of downtown Calistoga. 

As the rest of the Valley was becoming famous for its Cabernet Sauvignon, Duckhorn was focusing on Merlot. Today it is known as the most recognized Merlot producer in the region, and one of the most famous in the world.

That’s not the vibe you get from their tasting experience though. Located in a homey Craftsman-style house, you can enjoy your tasting in the bright cozy indoor tasting room or on the wide wraparound porch outside. I love their outdoor spaces. It’s easy to pretend that you’re tasting on your personal veranda, or maybe a close friend’s.

This isn’t a budget-friendly wine-tasting stop (tastings are $60 per person at the time of writing). But if you disagree with Paul Giamatti’s character in Sideways and enjoy an excellent glass of Merlot, this is a must-stop Napa Valley destination. 


Delicious blends at Paraduxx

A bit further south along the Silverado Trail, Paraduxx (pronounced like pair-a-ducks) is another Duckhorn portfolio favorite. Stylish, contemporary, and creative, this winery is all about the blends. 

One of our all-time favorite Napa memories is of touring through the vineyards here, learning the art and science of blending varietals. Though they no longer offer that particular experience, the innovative spirit behind their portfolio is felt in the overall vibe of the tasting experience. 

And if you’re looking for a dog-friendly Napa Valley winery that also allows you to charge your car while you taste, you’ve found the right place! 

The Paraduxx Tasting ($55 per person at the time of writing) features current-release wines as well as a special selection based on your favorites. 

Book a Tasting Tour

If selecting the perfect mix of wineries to visit is overwhelming for you, book this five-star tour that plans it all for you. Wine Country Confidential tours are planned by wine country locals based on your preferences. Experience both famous wineries and hidden gems with limited-production wines that rarely leave the Valley. 

The cost of this private tour includes planning and transportation to and from Calistoga hotels. Tasting fees, gratuities, and lunch are not included. Be sure to communicate your interests and your budget during the planning stage. 

Tip: I enjoy researching and planning wine-tasting days, but when it’s just John and me on a getaway, transportation is a challenge. If you want to do tastings beyond the Calistoga Shuttle service area, I highly recommend booking a driver through We Drive. With this company, you book a driver to drive your car. Some drivers are also happy to make recommendations for your itinerary.

Calistoga Restaurants

Good wines and good food go hand in hand. This is why it’s no surprise that Napa Valley features some of the best restaurants in the country. Calistoga holds its own with a wide range of options, from cajun-inspired cuisine to award-winning burgers and Southern BBQ. There is no shortage of outdoor dining options, and most Calistoga restaurants fit our more casual style. 

These are some of our favorites:

Calistoga Inn Restaurant and Brewery

Calistoga Inn on a morning walk

You can’t miss the Calistoga Inn when strolling along Lincoln Avenue. There’s a huge inviting patio with fire pits and an indoor-outdoor wraparound bar. This is a great comfortable and casual spot to simply hang out and enjoy the friendly vibe after a day of wine tasting or adventuring.

Calistoga Depot

Fun and fascinating Calistoga Depot
More exciting Calistoga Depot experiences opening in Spring 2023!

This fun spot is set in the town’s iconic original train depot, one of downtown Calistoga’s landmarks. 

Like many things in Calistoga, the Depot can be traced back to Sam Brannan who founded the Napa Valley Railroad in 1864. Though train service was discontinued in 1929, the old depot still stands. It’s now the second oldest in California. 

Though the trains no longer run, Calistoga Depot is still a vibrant and fun place where you can sample some of the delicious food and wine that make this region famous. Inside, Depot Provisions, run by the team behind Oakville Grocery, offers a gourmet grocery with cheeses, charcuterie, and prepared foods like wood-fired pizzas and sandwiches. Buy a glass to go with your meal and take it outside to enjoy on their sunny patio.  

When we visited, construction and renovations were underway for exciting new developments that will open in spring 2023. Visitors will again be able to enjoy stores and a new restaurant in the train cars next to the Depot. Inside, they were putting the finishing touches on a new microbrewery and spirits-tasting experience that echoes the one started by Brannan over 150 years ago. 

House of Better

Part of Dr. Wilkinson’s Backyard Resort, House of Better leans into the hotel’s playful mid-century modern vibe. Eating a meal here feels like hanging out in a friend’s backyard, complete with a fire pit, cornhole, and even swings.

The menu is New Mexico-inspired, so expect to find lots of items that feature green chiles. Don’t leave without ordering a slice of their signature Green Chile Apple Pie with cheddar crust and a red chile honey drizzle for dessert. You’re still in California, so if an herbal elixir or medicinal tea appeals to you, you’re still in the right place.

Puerto Vallarta Market

Produce at the Vallarta Market
Best Breakfast Burritos Ever

Napa Valley is full of winemakers and foodies with great taste. And people don’t always want a fancy meal. What I love about this area is that you can find some amazing bites to eat off the tourist path.

Full disclosure: we stumbled upon Vallarta Market years ago when we were a bit hungover after a day of tastings. But we had such good memories of those breakfast burritos that we intentionally sought them out again to fill up before a day of wine tasting on our most recent trip. They are a perfect breakfast choice for either occasion.

This is a Mexican grocery and convenience store. Head to the back deli counter to order any of their delicious burritos, tacos, and tortas to go. There are a couple of benches out front or enjoy your meal at nearby Pioneer Park.

Sam’s General Store

Our picnic basket from Sam's General Store
All ready for a day of wine tasting and picnicking!

We picked up a picnic basket at Sam’s General Store for our day of wine tasting. We ordered it in advance, so it was simple to pick up our basket right before meeting our driver. You return the basket at the end of the day, but the Sam’s General Store wine glasses are yours to keep.

Our sandwiches were delicious, the basket was pretty cute, and we didn’t have to worry about figuring out lunch plans during a busy day of tasting!

Sam’s also has excellent coffee, homemade quiches, and baked goods for breakfast. Sipping coffee on their lovely garden patio is a perfect way to start your day in wine country. 

Unique Things to Do on Your Weekend in Calistoga

For many folks, eating, drinking, and soaking is all you need for a successful relaxing weekend in Calistoga. But if you’re looking for something a little more epic to add to your itinerary, there are more than hot springs to keep you entertained.

Take a Ride in a Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloons on a Napa Valley morning

If you’ve ever wanted to fly in a hot air balloon, you’ve come to the right place! Seeing the hot air balloons floating over the vineyards is magical, and the sunrise photos from above are truly stunning.

Napa Valley Balloons is the top hot air balloon provider in the region with over 200 recommendations (and awesome photos) on TripAdvisor. Travelers meet at sunrise in Yountville, about a 30-minute drive south of Calistoga. 

Upon arrival, enjoy a quick cup of coffee or tea while you get to know your fellow travelers and get a briefing from your pilot. Then you’re off to the takeoff spot where you can watch the crew inflate your balloon before hopping in and soaking up the incredible views of the valley from 2,000 feet in the air.

Be aware that in the case of bad weather, your trip may be canceled or moved to another location. You may not know this until you arrive. 

E-Bike Through Napa Valley

For an active way to explore wine country, book a bike tour. Napa Valley Bike Tours in Yountville will set you up with an e-bike for a full day of easy pedaling and exploring.

The full-day bike tour includes tours and tastings at two wineries (tasting fees of $40 – $60 per winery not included) before a relaxing picnic lunch. The bike tour includes a wine-purchase pickup service, so you don’t have to worry about lugging your bottles around!

Expect to ride for 16-20 miles during the full-day tour, with 6 to 8 miles between stops. Make sure you’re comfortable riding your bike next to road traffic before booking. 

The same company also offers a half-day tour if you want to make different plans for the afternoon. A fun day of biking pairs well with a late afternoon massage and hot spring soak! 

TripAdvisor shares all of the options offered by Napa Valley Bike Tours as well as their sky-high reviews. 

Enjoy a Redwoods Hike and Wine Tasting Tour

Calistoga is bordered by mountains, forests, and parks, making it a perfect spot for nature lovers. Head west to check out the popular Bothe-Napa Valley State Park or east to give the challenging Oat Hill Mine Trail a try.

If you want to add a hike to your itinerary, but aren’t sure where to start, hire a guide to plan it all for you. The private hiking and wine-tasting tour offered by Napa Valley Native Tours has near-perfect reviews. Spend the morning hiking through redwood forests and the afternoon sampling premium wines.

The tour price includes private transportation to and from your hotel, a guided hike, lunch, and wine-tasting fees. One reviewer even combined the experience with a morning hot air balloon ride! Talk about the ultimate bucket list day in wine country.

Kayak the Napa River

Of course, there’s more to Napa Valley than the wine and food scene. If you’re curious to learn a local’s perspective on the region’s history and culture with a side of outdoor adventure, book this popular River History Kayak Tour.

Leaving from downtown Napa at the southern end of the Valley, this experience introduces visitors to the region’s main waterways. With a maximum of 9 travelers, groups won’t be too big. Just be aware that if you’re a newer or slower kayaker (like me) you may not be able to hear everything the guide has to say. I’ve gotten to the point where I just enjoy my paddle and the scenery and then ask for a recap once I finally catch up!

This experience is at the opposite end of the valley from Calistoga, about 40 minutes away by car. It would be a great adventure for when you’re on your way into or heading back out of town.

The Old Faithful Geyser

The entrance to the Old Faithful Geyser in California

I would be remiss if I didn’t include a visit to the Old Faithful Geyser on this list. 

Visitors pay admission ($15 per adult at the time of writing) to view the Geyser’s faithful eruption every 1-2 hours. The timing and frequency change based on what’s been happening with the weather.

They have built up a few attractions on the property to keep people occupied while waiting. You can explore the small animal farm and gardens, have a picnic, or even enjoy a game of bocce. 

Wander through a Petrified Forest

If you love a good walk through a redwood forest, pay a visit to Calistoga’s Petrified Forest to see what happens when the beloved trees are fossilized. 

Millions of years ago, a Mt. Helena volcano eruption buried this redwood forest. Over time, the trees’ organic matter was replaced by silica turning them into fossils. Visitors can view them on short hikes through the Petrified Forest. 

Admission is $12 per person, and most people spend about an hour here. Many visitors also love the gift shop.

Where to Stay in Calistoga

The range of places to stay for your weekend in Calistoga is wide! Luckily the distance between them is not. We love staying in hotels within walking distance of a main street or other attractions, and Calistoga does not disappoint in that regard. The following three hotels are located right across the street from each other and within easy walking distance of many Calistoga attractions.

Brannan Cottage Inn

Brannan Cottage Inn Exterior

We stayed at the 6-room Brannan Cottage Inn on our most recent wine country visit. As you might guess by now, the property dates back to the town’s legendary founder, Sam Brannan. It was built by Brannan in 1860 as one of the 14 cottages originally featured in his Grand 1862 Hot Springs Resort. 

Today the small historic inn is tucked away on a side street, but still within easy walking distance of hot springs, spas, and restaurants on Lincoln Avenue. We loved staying at this cozy, comfortable, and friendly place. It was raining during much of our visit, so we didn’t take advantage of the outdoor areas. But the patios make a wonderful place to start the day with a cup of coffee on a sunny morning.

If you book directly with the Inn, breakfast at onsite Sam’s General Store is included with the price of your stay. Guests should know that there is no dedicated hotel parking. Street parking in the surrounding neighborhood is easy to find. 

Indian Springs Resort

Indian Springs Resort has a broad range of accommodations situated among the rolling hills, ponds, and lush gardens of this 17-acre property. Options include hotel rooms, historic cottages, bungalows, and even rental houses. Many come with private patios. 

A big draw for staying here is access to the geyser-fed Olympic-sized mineral pool that was originally built in 1913. Floats, noodles, and deck chairs are provided. Hang out in the poolside fireplace cabana lounge when you need a break from the warm waters. In the evening, a soak under the stars is a magical experience. 

This is a family-friendly resort, and the main pool is open to all ages. That can be a perk if you want to bring the kiddos for a return trip, but if you’re on a parents’ getaway you may want to take the opportunity to check out the adult-only pool. 

Cottage Grove Inn

The Cottage Grove Inn caught my eye because it’s right across the street from the Brannan Cottage Inn, where we stayed recently. Like many of our favorite places, it’s not fancy or pretentious. These small private resort cottages are laid-back with cozy interior spaces. 

Each of the 16 cottages is a studio with a seating area that faces a fireplace and a deep-soaking tub for two. They also feature a little wet bar kitchen and comfortable front porches with chairs perfect for porch sitting on a warm night. 

This is a great stay if you are bringing your dog along for your weekend in Calistoga. Pets are not only allowed here, they are welcomed with bowls, treats, and a dog bed. 

Itinerary for an Epic Weekend in Calistoga

So you’ve read the best things to do, the best places to eat, and the best places for a good night’s sleep in Calistoga. Now, let’s pull it all together into a sample 3-day itinerary for a Calistoga romantic getaway.

This map was made with Wanderlog, a road trip planner app on iOS and Android

Day 1: Arrive and Unwind

For this itinerary, your weekend home base will be Indian Springs Resort. 

If you have time to spare before check-in, head to Castello di Amorosa for one of the region’s most unique tasting experiences. Take your time roaming the castle grounds after you sample from their extensive tasting menu. 

After check-in, take a walk down Lincoln Avenue. Enjoy a relaxed dinner with a cookout vibe at House of Better and then check out the stores and other tasting opportunities at Calistoga Depot. 

Back at the resort, take a dip in the hotel’s famous Olympic-sized hot spring pool under the stars and toast to the first night of your weekend away. 

Day 2: Choose Your Own Wine-Tasting Adventure

If this is your only full day in town, you’ll need to choose a main adventure (or two). 

If you have young kids, like us, you’re probably used to getting an early start. Take advantage of the habit by booking a sunrise hot air balloon ride and seeing the Valley from a whole new perspective.

After you toast to a new day with your fellow passengers, head back north to Calistoga. Stop by the Puerto Vallarta Market to pick up some delicious breakfast burritos. It’s important to fill up so your fun day of wine-tasting doesn’t turn sour! Enjoy your burritos at Pioneer Park while sharing photos of the morning’s adventure with each other. 

It’s still early, and you have lots of good options for the second part of your day! You can:

  • Head to Yountville for an e-bike and tasting tour; 
  • Meet up with your guide for a Redwood Hike and Tasting tour; 
  • Or pick up a picnic basket from Sam’s General Store and head back to the resort to meet your We-Drive Driver for a day of tastings with a picnic lunch.

Spend the rest of your evening relaxing at the resort. Enjoy an easy dinner at the popular onsite restaurant, Sam’s Social Club, relax by the fire pit, and enjoy another evening soak in the hot springs.

Day 3: Ease into the drive home

After a busy two days, enjoy the chance to sleep in. 

Indulge in one last luxury splurge before heading home. After a delicious brunch at Solage Resort’s Solbar, cap off your weekend in Calistoga with the Spa at Solage’s Signature Mudslide treatment.

You’ll leave town feeling relaxed and refreshed, with plenty of amazing new memories to share.

Tip: If you need to rent a car for your trip, check out Discover Cars. They compare car rental deals from several companies to find you the best price. And they include all fees and taxes in the quote so there are no big surprises when you pick up your car.

A Perfect Wine Country Weekend in Calistoga

I love Calistoga sign on Lincoln Ave

When it comes to weekend getaways, Calistoga is the perfect destination. From wine tasting and hot air balloon rides to hikes and spa treatments, Calistoga provides an unforgettable experience for everyone. 

As Robert Louis Stevenson, who honeymooned here in 1880, wrote, “It’s not so much where my journey is taking me, but who I become when I get there.” So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head to Calistoga. Relax, reconnect, and indulge. You’ll leave town feeling like a whole new you. 

Road Trip Planning Basics

These are our go-to resources when planning a California road trip!

Rent a Car ↗

Compare car rental deals to find the best price with Discover Cars. All fees and taxes are included in your quote.

Book Your Stay ↗

Booking.com is our first – and often last – stop for finding great deals throughout the Golden State.

Cover Your Trip ↗

Easily compare and buy travel insurance with TravelInsurance.com, our go-to site for travel coverage.

Calistoga FAQs

Though Calistoga has a high amount of sunny warm days throughout the year, it also has distinct seasons. Nights range from chilly and rainy to pleasantly warm in the summer. Annual temperatures range from summer highs of 92 to an average winter low of 44. 

Weather aside, Calistoga also has fun events that draw visitors year-round. A small town at heart, many flock to Lincoln Ave to see the quirky Lighted Tractor Parade on the first Saturday in December and the Silverado Parade on July 4.

Bargain hunters won’t want to miss the Winter in the Wineries Passport Program, during which you purchase a $75 Passport to receive free tastings at participating wineries, free corkage at participating restaurants, and discounts on Calistoga lodging and spas. Given that many wine-tasting fees are $50-$60 per person these days, buying a passport is well worth it if your weekend in Calistoga involves a day of tastings. 

Spring in this spa town calls for a focus on wellness with Wellness Week each April. In the summer, enjoy the popular Concerts in the Park series at Pioneer Park. 

If you’re looking to visit in the fall, time your visit with the spectacular Calistoga Harvest Table event when Calistoga’s main street is closed to make room for a thousand-foot-long table. Diners bask in the late afternoon sun and enjoy a menu created by chefs from some of the city’s favorite restaurants. The dinner is, of course, complimented by wines from dozens of participating local wineries. This event always sells out, so make sure to make plans early!

The Calistoga Shuttle is a complimentary on-demand transit service within Calistoga city limits. It takes visitors to wineries, restaurants, spas, and shops around town. It also provides trips to  Bennet Lane Winery, Castello de Amorosa, and Bothe State Park.

If you are staying at a lodging in Calistoga, ask for shuttle passes at check-in. Those not staying at a Calistoga property can still use the shuttle for $1 per person. Please note that exact fares are required, drivers cannot make change.

To request a ride, call (707) 963-4229. You can also book through an app or online. The shuttle usually arrives within 15-30 minutes of your request. The Shuttle is wheelchair accessible and connects with Vine Transit route 10.

Visit Vine Transit for more details on hours of service, holiday exclusions, and the exact service area.

There are no public hot springs in town. To soak in a Calistoga hot spring, you either have to stay at one of the hotels with hot spring pools or book a spa treatment at a resort with hot springs. Some spas charge an additional pool pass fee on top of the cost of your spa treatment.

Some of the more affordable spas are Golden Haven, the Baths at Roman Spa, and Calistoga Spa. 

More expensive options are The Spa at Solage, Dr. Wilkinson’s Backyard Resort & Mineral Springs, Indian Springs, and Moonacre Spa and Baths.

Napa Valley consists of five distinctive towns – Calistoga, St. Helena, Yountville, the city of Napa, and American Canyon. It takes approximately an hour to drive the 36 miles between American Canyon and Calistoga. 

  • Calistoga has a relaxed, easygoing, and outdoorsy vibe. It’s known for its volcanic ash mud baths and geothermal hot spring pools.
  • St. Helena is a sophisticated small town. It’s known for its specialty shops, boutiques, and art galleries. The Culinary Institute of America is here and offers cooking demonstrations and tours.
  • Yountville is a posh town known for its upscale and refined restaurants. This luxurious small town is home to the famed Michelin-starred French Laundry. Make reservations well in advance if it’s on your bucket list.
  • The City of Napa is vibrant and active with trendy tasting rooms. Most of the region’s nightlife and entertainment are here.
  • American Canyon makes a great home base if you’re visiting the region with kids. This approachable town has good hikes and is home to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and the Jelly Belly Factory. 

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